Will G2 Win Worlds 2019? Could it Finally be?

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The 2019 LoL World Championship has started in Berlin, Germany with the play-ins stage. G2 is the 1st seed of Europe and they’re already in the group phase. There has been a lot of talks up to this moment where a lot of people are wondering whether G2 Esports can lift the cup this year. It would give their incredible feats at both Spring and Summer Splits in LEC and at Mid Season Invitational a new dimension. But can G2 Win Worlds 2019?

While the answer to this question cannot be answered categorically as there is still a long way for each team to go in Worlds, the hype around European teams, particularly G2 this year, seems quite different. G2 Esports fans think that a Worlds victory is in the cards.

What’s Expected Of G2 Esports And Can They Win Worlds 2019?

With Riot having announced the world cup draw on September 23rd, G2 find themselves in Group A just waiting for the play in rounds to confirm their 4th opponent in that group, The 2 opponents already confirmed in Group A apart from G2 are LCK’s griffin and North America’s Cloud 9. When compared side by side with these two 2 teams it is expected of G2 to still make it past the group stages and into the quarter-finals given that they are LEC Champions but Griffin and Cloud 9 will certainly not be walk over opponents.

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Article originally published at https://gaming4.cash on 05 October, 2019

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