Sometimes lack of knowledge is the primary issue and some guidance is all that is required.


The electronic sports industry, or esports as it has come to be known, has grown exponentially over the last few years and is expected to cross the billion-dollar mark by 2022. Along with its expansion comes the employment opportunities to build a successful career is esports. However, a lot of people still do not count digital sports as conventional — like football and cricket. None the less, total viewership for esports by 2023 is expected to reach 646 million, from 454 million in 2019.

While it is still debatable if the gaming industry can already be considered ‘mainstream’, online games like CO:GO (Counter-Strike:Global Offensive), PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc. are increasingly receiving more and more investment opportunities. As per reports, the number of investments in esports doubled from 2017 to 2018, going from 34 to 68 respectively. Investments in 2018 amounted to $4.5 billion in 2018 from just $490 million in the previous year. That’s a growth rate of 837% across stakeholders including electronic sports organisations, tournament operators, digital broadcasters and more. Companies like FaZe Clan are also aggressively expanding into verticals like merchandise to gain more notoriety for their brand.

In today’s day and age, you have several options for careers in gaming to consider. In addition to becoming a professional player or being a part of a professional team, you could consider becoming a professional esports caster, a professional streamer, an influencer and more. And these are all besides the technical skill and talents required to develop a game, like designers, sound engineers, script writers and so on.

Yet, hundreds of people give up their dreams for lack of time, experience or energy to develop the skills required. Sometimes lack of knowledge is the primary issue and some guidance is all that is required. Granted, to make it to the top echelons of gaming — where most of the moolah is — requires you to work on things like branding, sponsorship proposals, social media activities, coaching and strategies and what not which takes up valuable time that could be spent on practice and doing what you love. But it is what it is and that’s all part and parcel of being among the best in the world. So if you’re seriously considering taking the plunge into the gaming world, here’s an elaborate guide to increase your chances of having a successful career in esports.

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