Top 5 Biggest Esports Countries

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Who would have though that Esports would become an accepted profession in many countries around the world. The 5 biggest Esports countries in terms of presence, success, and player + team count account for the majority of gaming pros. And in today’s world, there are plenty of games to choose from. League of Legends and CSGO come to mind quickly as these games have had the most success in Esports. Following closely are Dota 2 and Overwatch, but there are also titles such as Rocket League, Starcraft (who can forget about that), Hearthstone, Call of Duty, even Apex Legends as it seems!

But today, we’re focusing on the countries. So, which are the 5 biggest Esports countries in the world? Let’s find out!

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Article originally published at on September 26, 2019

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