The Latest Fortnite Update Infuriated The Community

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In the latest Fortnite Update, which was released on Tuesday, the 27th of August, Epic Games decided to once again play with the community. They have decided to potentially change another aspect of the game which can be game-changing. They added a delay to turbo building which made many streamers upset because it removed the potential to do 90’s and sweat on other players.

The whole community was angry about this change because it removed the essential purpose of building. And hours after the update, a Twitter trend emerged under the hashtag #Reverttheupdate. Many famous streamers started posting video displaying how difficult it was to build and defend themselves while engaging in 1v1 fights.

And with continuous controversies on Turbo building, some hours later Epic released an update fixing turbo building. But they decreased other aspects of it.

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Article originally published at on September 10, 2019

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