Shocking John McAfee Facts That Will Make You Go WTF

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Most know him as the father of McAfee antivirus, but John McAfee is far from being a simple inventor and engineer. If there was ever a person who’s living a life from the movies, it would be this guy. Some of these John McAfee facts are disturbing, yet intriguing at the same time. Why did this man decide to do this, why is he doing that; all questions without a proper answer. If you don’t think I’m being serious, just wait a couple of paragraphs and you’ll see what kind of nutcase he really is. Or is he a genius?

Either way, his life is crazy. If we took time researching his life and listing all the controversial situations that happened, it would take an infinity to compile. So, the better option would be to list only the most shocking John McAfee facts and let you imagine how the rest of his life functions. You probably can’t because unpredictability and mystery are basically his two middle names (as well as crazy) but eh, worth a shot, no?

If you want to read the full story [NSFW; 18+], click the following link:

Article originally published at on September 9, 2019

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