Revealed: Gamer Deaths that Shocked the World

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Is playing games dangerous? Could it lead to some weird things happening? Can someone die from playing games? Not likely yea? But there is some interesting stuff that can lead to you changing your mind. Here are a couple of gamer deaths that show just how you shouldn’t play games.

Gamer deaths were a strange thing some 20 or 30 years ago. But now there are a lot of people dying from playing games, that it isn’t so strange anymore. And with the number of gamers growing we could only expect the number or gamer deaths to grow as well. Don’t you think so?

What Gamer Deaths have Happened in the Past?

Jeff Dailey and Peter Burkowski

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One of the first gamer deaths occurred in the US. When? In the 1980’s when two boys who were trying to break the record of a game called Berserk. Jeff Dailey and his friend Peter Burkowski were the first gamers who dropped dead by playing a game. Quite literally. They broke the high score of 16,600 points and dropped dead immediately after typing in their names. Weird huh?!

Daniel Petric

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Another case of gamer deaths isn’t quite what you would imagine. In this case a boy named Daniel Petric, only 17 years of age wasn’t allowed to have Halo 3. Instead of acting like any other child that wasn’t allowed something and suck it up, he did something unthinkable. The boy broke into his fathers weapon closet got his gun and went into his parents room. He told his parents to shut their eyes because he had a surprise for them, and shot both in the head. Not a gamer death but a shocking thing caused by a game, that’s for sure.

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