Overwatch Beginners Guide To: Genji

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Maybe it is his looming appearance, or maybe it is the adrenaline that comes from his endless weighing between life and death. Either way, we are always tempted to give this Katana-shuriken-flinging Hero one more try. With his high mobility, Genji is capable of quickly dashing in and out of combat, leaving a trail of confused enemies behind him. To do so, this Ninja requires a set of skills equal to his own, settling for nothing less than first-class reflexes. Although this might seem intimidating early on, he is sure to be rewarding those who truly master his risky ways. To help you through your path to excellence, we’ve compelled the best beginners Genji Overwatch guide.

Although Genji possesses an ability to deliver extraordinary damage, he will be required to use his mobility if he is to achieve it. Thankfully, with the help of his cybernetic abilities, Genji is capable of swiftly running into combat, slicing enemies on the way. While doing so, few obstacles stand in his way, as he can climb up walls and perform double-jumps in mid-air. However, such mobility does come with a price, as Genji has quite a low health-pool.

Thus, dealing with crowd control abilities might be hard to handle if you are a newcomer to the game. Nevertheless, do not grow concerned, as the sole purpose of the beginners Genji Overwatch guide is to help you overcome these obstacles.


In the beginning, playing Genji might be depressing, as the skillset required to wield him must be at an outstanding level. So, in case you are still getting the hang of Overwatch, he might not come as the best choice. However, if you are still determined to play with the blade-wielding Ninja regardless of the evidence, a bunch-load of persistence will be essential for success. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the key components required for mastering the beginners Genji Overwatch guide.

What are Genji’s Abilities?

As mentioned above, Genji will require comprehensive knowledge to be put into good practice. With his abilities, you’ll encounter challenging cooldown reset mechanics, amidst having little or no space for errors. However, what you get in return is an endless array of devastating combos and an opportunity to produce some of the flashiest plays in the game. The first step we’ll be taking in our beginners Overwatch guide is analyzing Genji’s abilities.


Cyber-Agility is the core of Genji’s mobility, making him a one of a kind ranged Assassin. With it, he is capable of double-jumping without a reset when wall climbing. Another perk to be added is the movement speed, which is 7.8 meters per second (vertical).

Shuriken (LMB / RMB)

The primary weapon to come from Genji’s deadly arsenal is his Shurikens. When wielding these, you’ll be able to choose between an accurate burst of aligned shots or a fan of projectiles. With the first option, by pressing the left click, three Shurikens will fly in quick succession, precisely hitting the spot the player has aimed for. On the contrary, by pressing the right mouse click, three shurikens will be thrown simultaneously, forming a horizontal arc as they go. It might come as obvious, however, the first option is best used for long-range striking, while the second comes handy in close-ranged combat when Genji needs to close the range on his opponent.

You can read the rest of the guide here: https://gaming4.cash/overwatch-beginners-guide-genji

Originally published at https://gaming4.cash on June 20, 2019.

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