Nigerian Esports Has Been Growing Steadily

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The Esports industry is one that has seen tremendous growth over the years. China, the US and some countries in Europe have become leading forces of Esports. In recent years, Africa as a continent has also caught up with the Esports scene. They are unlocking the tremendous opportunities of this industry. Apart from South Africa, which is quite ahead of other countries in the continent when it comes to Esports, the giants of Africa, Nigeria, have awoken. Nigerian Esports is now reality. They are ready to unlock the Esports potential in a country with over 50 million youths.

How Did Nigerian Esports Become Big In Africa (And The World)?

Nigerian Esports president, Emmanuel Oyelakin, has gone on several TV interviews with other members of the Nigerian Esports team, including an interview on Channels TV. Channels TV won the best television station award 7 consecutive times!

During the Interview, Mr Emmanuel and Dr Sid, vice president of the organization, stated their goals in raising the standards of the Esports scene in the country. Also, they used the medium to not only create awareness of Esports but also talk about the need to have a structured Esports system in the country.

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Article originally published at on September 30, 2019

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