Glitch Super Smash Bros Tournament Becomes S-Tier

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Glitch Super Smash Bros Tournament is held twice a year in Maryland. Hosted in the MDVA region, Glitch is hosted in the same region as Xanadu, Pound, and Super Smash Con, tournaments run by VGBootCamp.

While Glitch is hosting its first year of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments, Glitch 7 will be the first to run the latest Smash patch. In addition, hitting over 654 entrants for Ultimate, it is now considered an S-Tier event.

With that being said, it will be the first S-Tier tournament to run the latest patch. The most recent Smash patch features Banjo-Kazooie as a new character. In addition, it offers several tweaks to the game’s balancing.

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Article originally published at on September 10, 2019

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