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It has been over a century since the first of the video games came into existence. Initially, it would be a one-time purchase allowing you to complete the game without making any further payments. But more than a decade ago in the early 2000s, the primary existence of loot boxes was known to the gaming community. The first Loot-Box based system was in a Japanese MMORPG. It was named a ‘Gachapon Ticket’ which was made available for purchase for 100 Yen. The ticket gave the Players a randomized item which could be usable in-game, hence the term ‘Virtual Item’, when they used the ticket on an in-game booth. Today, some of the biggest gaming companies are very greedy gaming companies. So let’s talk about it!

Since then the concept of Loot-Boxes spread through the Publishers and the Gaming Community seemed to accept it. But this process at the beginning was subtle and plausible; however, recently the trend of Loot-Boxes has increased by a huge scale and many popular companies have begun to accept this as a Money-Making Strategy,

Games Nowadays are being released as so-called free to play but would require you purchasing their Loot-Boxes or other Virtual Items to undergo a full experience the game has to offer.


1. EA

One of the biggest, widely-known players of the Gaming Industry EA has often, in many of their game, introduced such mechanics, which directly or indirectly promote In-Game Purchases thus increasing the revenue generated for the company and being a center of accusation for being one of the Greediest Gaming Companies.

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Article originally published at https://gaming4.cash on August 23, 2019

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