FIFA 2020 Global Series Registration is On

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The countdown to FIFA eWorld cup 2020 has just begun. EA Sports has announced today that the FIFA 2020 Global Series registration is on. The new season will have a similar structure to the 2019 season where each event will provide players with the opportunity to earn Global Series Points. These points are needed to qualify for the eWorld Cup. The top 16 from each console, Xbox and Playstation, will earn a place at Worlds next year.

What Does FIFA 2020 Global Series Registration Look Like?

EA Sports has laid down the process involving earning FIFA 2020 Global Series Ranking Points. First up, one must become FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions — verified — and second, has applied for registration either during October this year or middle of January next year. Additionally, a player will need to earn 27 or more wins in one weekend in FUT Champions Weekend League before February 3rd, 2020 to be eligible to appear on Global Series Ranking Points.

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