Dota 2 7.22d: Best and Worst Changes

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Immediately after the conclusion of the latest season of DPC, Valve released a new gameplay update — Dota 2 7.22d. It is mostly focused on balancing heroes and their abilities. The ninth annual edition of The International, the concluding tournament of the DPC, will be held in China from August 15–25.

It seems that these changes were made to balance the heroes before the event. Although based on community feedback and professional Dota players’ gameplay, there are pros and cons to this update. Some of these changes impact highly-used characters and could lead to players finding other alternatives and strategies.


One of the major changes in this update is Templar Assassin, who had a key role at the EPICENTER. Changes have been made to her refraction ability. This ability no longer grants bonus damage on attacking allied troops, making her less effective and preventing her from potentially dominating the lane. This could lead to change in early game strategies and how she is used.

Now for perhaps the biggest nerf of the patch. It targets Warlock’s Fatal Bonds ability. The cooldowns have massively increased for the early stages of Warlock, with an increase of up to 12 seconds on the first stage. Furthermore, the ability no longer bounces on Roshan.

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Originally published at on July 6, 2019.

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