Collection Of The Best CSGO Skins 2019

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Who doesn’t like having an amazing gun skin to show off? We count down the top 10 best CSGO skins 2019!

There’s just something so, let’s say prestigious in owning a weapon skin in CSGO. Sure, it doesn’t influence gameplay or give you an unfair advantage, but it’s still special. This is true for all games that have cosmetics. Pull out your StatTrak AWP and give out headshots like it was nothing!

Top 10 Best CSGO Skins 2019

10. AK-47 Fire Serpent

  • Estimated Price: 200–1,250 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (200e), Well-Worn (280e), Field-Tested (310e), Minimal Wear (550e), Factory New (1,250e)
  • Collection: The Bravo Collection

The Fire Serpent CSGO skin is one of the less expensive ones on this list but it has risen in value over the years. It was released way back in 2013 and getting a factory new version without StatTrak would set you back a whopping 1,250 euros!

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