Cheat Hackers Make Money Selling Cheats Online

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Thanks to the immense growth of Esports we now have small, yet intricate new ways of making money. Enter ‘Cheat hackers’. These people are mostly teenagers who create cheat codes for massive multiplayer games. Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow 6 Siege and the like. These games are most affected by these so called hackers and boy, let me tell you, this is a large industry.

Not saying that cheat codes and hackers haven’t existed in the past, but most of these tools were available for free.

Who Are Cheat Hackers?

More than a third of active gamers (from the interviewed group so numbers may vary) admit to using cheats to give themselves an edge online. It’s always been easier for some to cheat their way to the top. Though today, it’s much harder. Still, this hasn’t stopped players from elevating their ‘skills’ to a higher level.

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Article originally published at on September 20, 2019

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