9 Awesome Reasons to Date a Professional Gamer

The world of gaming has seen a massive evolution from just playing for fun or to release tension to actually becoming an avenue where one could make good money doing what they love. These days, there are a lot of professional gamers in various esports and this is great news for the singles out there because you get to choose from one of the coolest set of people in the world! Could there be valid reasons to date a professional gamer? Of course! Let’s talk about that.

Now, there have been a lot of stereotype assumptions when it comes to pro gamers as they are said to be nerds who are glued to their game screen but such has been debunked and the reasons to date a pro gamer are endless so you will get 9 awesome reasons to date a professional gamer… Here they come!

1. Pro Gamers are Patient People

This doggy has the right idea!

Having to wait for a game to load or waiting for the servers of a game to come back up is one thing every professional gamer has had to learn how to do, the ability to preserve is a must in the gaming world and this skill becomes part of their daily lives as well. So why not get a partner that will be patient and ever ready to persevere both in the good times and the bad.

2. They are Brilliant

If you are the sapiosexual kind of person, you should definitely date a pro gamer. Gamers are generally known to be intelligent as gaming actually helps a lot with hand-eye coordination, improves memory and helps one to focus for a longer period of time. Also, gaming makes the mind sharper and gives the brain more reasoning power because most games require gamers to be able to think fast and bring up solutions to obstacles with a limited amount of time. Nobody these days will like to date someone who isn’t intelligent and pro gamers definitely don’t fall on the wrong side!

You can see the rest of the list here: https://gaming4.cash/9-awesome-reasons-to-date-professional-gamer

Originally published at https://gaming4.cash on April 23, 2019.

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