Gaming has evolved to give its users the opportunity to tap into their greatest fantasies. With the video game industry still developing, story lines, characters, and inclusive narratives are also evolving. While the first known LGBTQ game released in 1989 with Caper in the Castro, there hasn’t been much headway gained since. Reportedly, fewer than 10 games a year from 1988 to 2004 featured an LGBTQ character. Typically a gamer is considered to be a straight, white male thus mainstream games are largely written and developed accordingly. Having said that, the recent past has seen a few LGBTQ+ games finding its place in the mainstream market now.

As a society our treatment to the LGBTQ community is changing and so is the gaming community. Initially LGBTQ+ characters played only a minor part in games, if any at all. However, as games are becoming increasingly diverse so are gender norms and sexual identities within them. The community is also a potential for marketing and sales reasons. As such, LGBTQ+ stories and characters are getting meatier roles and leading characters in some games. Hence, we’ve rounded up six of the best LGBTQ+ games out there that you should play:

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