5 Reasons Why Incineroar In SSBU Is Bottom Tier

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When you think of Low Tier, who comes to mind? Among the most named characters, you may find Jigglypuff, Bowser Jr., and Little Mac. However, Incineroar, despite being seldom named, comes weighed down with more than enough deficits to land him smack in the bottom of the roster. So is Incineroar in SSBU dangerous or?

Incineroar, the Heel Pokemon, made his Super Smash Bros. debut in Ultimate. As the final evolution of the Gen VII starter, Litten, Incineroar was among the most requested characters for the new Smash game. With his imposing size, strength, and wrestling ability, Incineroar would surely bring the fire to Ultimate.

Unfortunately, first impressions only go so far. While the initial stretch of Smash promised an incredibly powerful character, the fire quickly began to fade. All that’s left now is a large cat Pokemon that serves the purpose of grabbing unsuspecting players. But wiser players know how to reduce Incineroar to embers.

If you want to read the full piece, click the following link: https://gaming4.cash/incineroar-ssbu-bottom-tier

Article originally published at https://gaming4.cash on September 11, 2019

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